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Hello there! I want to say thanks for stopping by to read this post, I hope that you find it not only interesting, but that it will make you think differently about “things”.

My name is Nancy and I am a Professional Organizer. I am also a wife, daughter, sister, “Gigi”, Aunt & Great Aunt, dog mom, entrepreneur, friend, follower of Jesus and I own an organizing business called “Neatly-Nested”. Perhaps that is a profession that is unfamiliar to you so let me explain.

Professional Organizing is an occupation that is a by-product of our consumer centric culture. It is easy to accumulate too many possessions and eventually those “things” begin to overtake our homes and lives creating stress, chaos, financial and marital challenges as well as health issues. Professional Organizers create systems to bring order, help clients declutter their homes, move and unpack and even stage homes prior to selling to maximize their value. I didn’t start out wanting to be an organizer, (I didn’t know it was a thing back when I was in college) but always had a bent toward wanting to create order, systems, consistency and a plan of action that would lead to success. 

My career experiences as a buyer and product developer for Dillard’s, New Products Manager and Assistant Buyer for The Container Store, and Ministry Coordinator for a Business Leaders Ministry at Gateway Church all converged and I found myself wanting to serve and help people bring order to their homes and lives. So, in 2020, the year that covid chaos invaded the nations of the world, I embarked on a journey to bring order, peace and calm back into homes. Yes, God does have a wonderful sense of humor! It is amazing how God cues up a variety of opportunities and experiences that develop us into what He planned for us. He wastes nothing and delights in using everything for our good. 

I have always loved transformations and before and after pictures. A home, a hairstyle, landscape, whatever it was, I am fascinated by seeing the hidden potential revealed in a home or a room, a person’s appearance, a piece of property. I suppose that is why organizing fascinates me. It sees beyond the obvious, the chaos, confusion, mess and “stuff”, and brings order, peace, purpose, and an abiding calm. 

So, here we are, the world has changed so much since 2020 and people want peace in their homes like never before. Perhaps it is the one place they still feel that they have some level of control or normalcy. I hope you will join me on this journey to see your home through the lens of God’s word. His word alone serves as the source of order, peace and life. And, believe it or not, God has a lot to say about order and how we view our possessions, our time and our purpose.

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